Does how you position you technology assets affect the way you manage them?

Many years ago I once heard a learned individual coin the expression "life is a 2 x 2 matrix"

I also remember many years ago IT assets being positioned rather nicely within a 2 x 2 matrix. So, racking my brain I've tried to bring that up to date per the image accompanying this post.

I think it's fairly self explanatory, but would welcome any comments and constructive criticism. But essentially, in today's ever changing environment with its ever changing demands, there is often a need to refocus in terms of both time and capital.

Basically, at the tactical end of the matrix, spend only what you need to spend. It's really easy to invest in a core system that will never create a level of engagement with either users or clients

At the strategic end of the matrix, consider how much effort is required to extract real long lasting value from the bright and shiny. There are some great technologies out there but many calories can be burned in an effort to prove that they work. 

Be pragmatic, take a simple view in delivering value to customers, and an equally simple view in terms of assessing organizational impact. Ask:

  • Can the solution be implemented quickly?
  • Is there in built agility to implement or change processes at will?
  • Will the product evolve with your business?
  • Will the solution deliver results from day1?

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