Agents and brokers do a great job. 

From my own experience, service is exemplary, and there are always those little extras like sharing local knowledge that makes dealing with an intermediary worthwhile.

BUT (and you knew this was coming) there is certainly more that an agent could do to ease pain points at various parts of the relationship. 

Access to a great digital platform could make life easier in so many ways. 

At policy, how often might a policy holder be inconvenienced by waiting around for an inspection to take place, and how could this be avoided?

At claim, how effectively is the policy holder engaged; and how much of an administrative burden could be removed from the agent so that they can spend even more time "loving" those customers.

Simple digital processes initiated by agents and brokers could create even more leisure time for this valuable customer group, as well as creating efficiencies for all stakeholders in any insurance transaction.

360Globalnet Inc is a provider of next generation platforms designed to drive satisfaction levels up and costs down. This is achieved through a self configurable environment which enables any process to be designed tested and implemented within hours, and with no need for coding.