At the risk of sounding redundant, one cannot rely on legacy technology to improve the customer experience. In contrast, innovation asks an organization to be okay with the unknown, willing to try, try again if it's not right. This paradox is further complicated considering the vast majority of legacy platforms and processes are neither customer centric, nor agile - they are static in a highly dynamic world. 

Then a shiny new piece of technology comes along, designed to fix "that" problem. But employing disparate pieces of InsurTech across an organization is only as good as the end-to-end digital strategy - often times missing. Because of this, talented staff are bogged down with unmanageable backlogs, customer expectations, and outdated processes. And the customer pays the ultimate price in both premium and service. 

But there is hope. 360SiteView empowers customers to digitally engage in the process, allowing your adjusters  to tend to more complex matters and feel good about the service they provide. Let's face it - an overwhelmed employee is neither empathetic nor passionate towards their work, with the customer that paying for it. But for how long?