McKinsey makes a number of great points in their article focused on the need for insurers to hire and cultivate more Digital talent in order to achieve higher levels of growth and success.  Two key skills they point to are up-to-date technology and agile skills.

This seems like a daunting task for insurers given the high competition for these skills, but I believe there is a solution to this challenge.   What if Insurers adopted a configurable no-code platform to create outstanding digital customer experiences?   Having a no-code platform capable of being quickly configured would enable insurers to utilize their strong business process oriented resources to turn legacy processes into digital processes that save cost, save time, and create improved customer satisfaction scores.

McKinsey mentioned agile skills will be just as critical as technology skills.  There really is no substitute for creating an agile mindset within the organization.   But along with the agile mindset and skills, there needs to be a technology platform that is capable of keeping up with the pace of agile projects in the organization.   Here again, a no-code, completely configurable digital platform can enable rapid implementations and even faster adjustments as the organization learns what is working and not working from their market place.

360Globalnet offers a no-code digital platform than can help insurers deliver on their digital customer experience objectives in the Claims process and the Underwriting Risk Inspection process.  Insures can leverage their existing business process and customer experience talent to configure and roll out outstanding digital journeys for their insureds that keep all parties to the claim or inspection connected to the same digital record.

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Contact: Tom Duffy – Vice President of Sales, North America