By now, if you're writing workers compensation insurance in California, you are all too familiar with the recent updates to the law surrounding workers compensation insurance and related reporting requirements for Covid-19.    One of the key provisions of the law is that once an employer is aware of an employee with a positive Covid-19 test or diagnosis, there is "certain information" that must be reported to their Claims Administrator.  This is sure to create reporting challenges for Employers and Insurers alike.   Employers now must be thinking, "How do I report this information?"  "Is there a Digital process I can use to submit the information?"  Do I need to call, email, or fax the information?"

Claims Administrators, whether they are a Third Party, or the Insurer processing the Claim, should look at this as an opportunity to differentiate themselves from the competition by taking the lead in providing an outstanding digital customer experience to their Insureds, in this case Employers who have purchased Workers Compensation insurance.

The question for Claims Administrators quickly becomes, how can I quickly deliver for my customers?   IT projects to create a new Digital customer experience or even to add on to an existing digital customer experience can take months, if not longer, and can be very costly.  Here's where a no-code, digital platform can be very effective in delivering that outstanding digital customer experience quickly without significant up front cost.   360Globalnet is already helping an Insurer deliver a digital experience that will capture the required data to meet California Workers Compensation reporting requirements.  The solution can be configured to fit within your existing digital process or become your end to end digital Claims solution.

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Contact: Tom Duffy – Vice President of Sales, North America