When thinking about how to make the claims process easier for the Insured, I thought it made sense to reference some of the common mistakes made by Insureds before and during the claims process according to a recent Forbes article.  The article I am referencing focuses on Homeowners Insurance claims, but I believe the themes apply to any property claim in general.

With this in mind, let's look at 3 ways Insurers can help make the claims process easier for Insureds.

#1).  So, if one of the major issues for policy holders is not having before and after photos of their property along with a well documented content inventory, why wouldn't Insurers invest in a process and technology to help their insureds avoid this mistake?   An insurer can and should offer a digital process to their policy holders immediately, on day one of the policy effective date, that can walk the insured through a property inventory.  This type of process should be able to be launched from any browser on any device.   A similar process delivered by the same technology platform can be used to collect relevant FNOL information, pictures and video. 

#2).  The Forbes article also lists poor communication as a challenge in the claims process.   Again, why would the Insurance industry as a whole, not do everything we can to eliminate this issue.  With a robust digital channel for reporting and processing claims, proactively providing an insured an easy an effective way to provide photos and video of the damage, the opportunity for communication issues would be much smaller.

#3).  In this final point of mine, I'm focused on the Forbes article claims mistake #9, "Cleaning up to Fast". At one time or another, many of us have experienced a homeowners claim, or a commercial property claim.   After reporting the incident to our Insurer, we want the damage repaired, the house or business cleaned up and back in full use as soon as possible.  It's only natural, as the property owner to want the damage to be a distant memory, yesterday.

With this in mind, having a digital process, that proactively manages the FNOL data and related claims processing status for all parties involved in the claim is highly valuable.   Instant push notifications to adjusters, insureds, repairers, and others, can keep all the parties up to date and focused on completing their assigned tasks at the appropriate time in the process.  This approach can enable the Insured to shave time off the adjudication process and more often than not, be able to settle the claim before the insured has an opportunity to repair the damage.

In summary, while it's important for Agents and Insurers to educate their policy holders on avoiding common mistakes when filing for claims, I think its incumbent upon us as an industry to find ways to make it as easy as possible for our policy holders to successfully file a claim and dramatically reduce the opportunity for mistakes in the process. 

If you would like to have a deeper dive discussion on this topic to gain an understanding of how 360Globalnet can deliver digital claims processes, please do reply to me directly.

Yours in digital claims,

Thomas Duffy
Vice President of Sales, North America

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